[13.09.2017] people got kicked out from camp in Krnjaca

Today, Wednesday, 13.09.2017, SCRM (“Serbian Commissioner for refugees and migrants”) kicked out numerous people from the camp in Krjnaca.
Krnjaca is an Asylum center* close to the city center in Belgrade where according to official numbers 665 children, woman and men are accommodated. The camp has a capacity of 900 places. No more new registrations for this camp are done.
This morning when most people where still sleeping in their rooms members of the commissariat knocked the sleeping room’s doors and checked every single persons’ camp registration card. Those you could not show a valid ID for the Krnjaca camp had to leave the camp’s area immediately and got told to not come back. Children, woman and men got expelled. Also they canceled several valid registration cards from people who let unregistered persons sleep in their rooms and kicked them out as well as punishment.
Now some sleeping barracks in the camp are completely empty and locked.
Anyway some of the people want to try to enter the camp unseen in the evening again in order to sleep there, others decided to sleep in Belgrade city center on the street for fear of getting deported to the closed camp in Presovo if they show up in Krnjaca again.

*There are five “Asylum centers” (AC) in Serbia and 13 temporary centers called “Transit centers”(TC) or “Reception centers”(RC): map of all refugee camps in Serbia (July 2017)